08 November 2011

Well here we go again

I got an apartment today. It's up in the Avenues, right across the street from LDS Hospital. I'm in the Ensign YSA Ward, and right next to the City Creek YSA Ward that I was in earlier this year. Which is pretty funny, but what's funnier is that I went to that ward this Sunday thinking it was the City Creek ward. I laughed when I realized that :)

Its the cutest little house, and the 2 girls are just absolutely amazing. They are both LDS, and it's important to them that I am too. Which will be a good motivator for me to stay active in the Church, and stay on the straight and narrow. Which is going to be good for me. And I need that. :) The room is cuter than a button... a little small, but it is super cute, and everything is wonderful. I get along with both of the girls, we have a bunch in common, and we enjoy talking about a bunch of things. I'll be moving in at the middle of the month, and its going to be amazing :) I'm excited. I can't wait to move in. And I can't wait to move back downtown. Its going to be the greatest thing ever!

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