29 September 2011


So I bought a new pair of skis 2 weeks ago. They are the Atomic Access. 
There are so many awesome, and have had a ton of awesome reviews. Its my new one quiver ski :) and I can't wait til I can take them out and absolutely shred! I am still thinking about the possibility of buying a pair of park specific skis though... I have seen a few pairs of Volkl Pearl skis for $179.97... they are normally $500! So that might be in the works. Who knows. :) For the Access, I am going to get the Marker Squire Schizo binding.
It allows you to move the placement of your bindings forward and back depending on the conditions you are skiing in. So if I want to ski frontside for the day, or in the park, I can mount closer to the front, or in true center. If we get dumped on 2 ft, then I can mount back seat for an infamous powder day :) So pretty much... its going to be epic!

Now... I found out something freaking amazing yesterday. I work at Sports Authority... and The Canyons offers Sports Authority employees free day passes with a shop card (which we will all receive) and our most recent pay stub. 
I called Canyons yesterday, because I had bought a season pass from them, and they were awesome enough to refund my money! So now its a question of if I want to buy a season pass somewhere else, or if I want to save the money, and buy a car. Right now I am leaning towards buying a car... because I really want to be able to get up to the mountain :D

Life is good today. Other than the fact that I exhauted, and that I dont feel well :( Oh well! 

28 September 2011

Random Thoughts of the Day

1. Homework is never ending...
2. Chips and soda just go together.
4. My apartment is always freaking hot...
5. I miss Frank the Tank.
6. Pepsi products are cheaper than Coke... so that sucks...
7. Frozen custard has nothing on ice cream.
8. Costa Vida is the shiz nit...
9. Midterms can kiss my ass.
11. I lust over James Franco every time...
12. Ski season is only 57 days23 hours44 minutes away! :)
13. My goal is to have 50 days on snow this year!!
14. I LOVE The Fray!!
15. Soccer is going to be the death of me...
16. Kid in my institute class is freaking HOT.
17. Star Wars Risk is the greatest game ever made
19. Plan Z... duct tape.
20. I got a spider bite today... ouch
21. I want to sleep
23. SNOW
25. I want cookies.
26. Should I cut my hair?
27. Where's Waldo?
28. I need some chocolate before I punch a baby...
29. SNOW
33. Same shit, different day... 

Welcome to the chaos that is Ellen's attention span. I suffer from ADOS... Attention Deficit... OH SHINY!

27 September 2011

Letter to you...

Everyday you have me thinking of you. I can't get you out of my head. You were everything I ever wanted in my life. I loved you. I still love you. I love you, even though you don't love me. I think about you everyday. I miss you everyday. Every night when I go to sleep, I wish I had your arms around me again. The body pillow I sleep with now, does you no justice. It doesn't have your warmth, or your kind words. It doesn't wrap its arms around me like you did. Everyday that I was with you, I felt like a super hero... like there was nothing that could hurt me, or bring me down. I miss being around you. I miss your smile, and the way you made me laugh. I miss the way you loved me. I miss seeing you everyday. I miss your kisses. I miss everything about you. I can't stop thinking about you, and how things could have been different. Would you come back if I asked you? I want you back so badly that it hurts. I love you. Come back to me. God I miss you.

25 September 2011

I have no idea what I want in my life...

So... I'm dating this kid. His name is Zac. He's a cool kid, and I like him. But for some reason... now that we are dating, I have this weird, uncomfortable feeling about everything. I don't know... I have a hard time being able to see him, and be attached to him. Its like I have this mental block that doesn't let me love anyone else but that one person from last year. I can't get past the fact that I loved them. I loved them, and they broke my heart into a thousand pieces. I don't know if I can recover from that. I'm broken.

Now onto school. I love school. And I'm loving my classes and my major. But the more I ski, and the more I learn, and develop a passion, and a knowledge base about skiing, the more I don't want to study politics... and the more I want to stay in the ski industry. I'm already a total ski bum in the winter time... clocking almost 50 days on snow. I just bought a new pair of skis, and have bought a season pass to The Canyons in Park City. I just cannot focus on anything other than snow, and trees, and steeps. My classes are important, and I know that I'm studying the right thing in school... but I just cannot focus. :( My Comparative Politics class is kicking my ass, so is my Party Politics, and European Politics class. I work my ass off trying to keep my grades up... I study at work, I put my boyfriend second, to go to the library for the rest of the night instead. I never see my friends, or my roommates because I'm working full-time, and studying full-time. I'm exhausted. 

I don't know what I want anymore. I am so confused. I have no idea.

22 September 2011

Well it has been quite a while...

So its been a crazy couple of months. I've moved from the Avenues, and now I'm living in Taylorsville with Tess and Andy. I've started my new job as the skiing authority with SNIAGRAB at Sports Authority, and I love it, but I was working 140 hour pay periods, and I about drove myself crazy. I'm taking my classes at the U, and I'm learning alot, but I am so far behind because I'm working so many hours. I'm dating a boy I'm not too sure about... I mean he's great, and wonderful. He's an RM, and he's a gentleman... but I don't think that I'm ready to really be committed to anyone... not with everything that has gone about in the last year for me. And then, last but not least... the whole Missy ordeal, but whatever. 

Don't get me wrong... I love my life, and the people I have in it. I have made wonderful friends up here... but there is something missing... and I don't know how to fix it.