25 October 2012

Telling my own story.

This is something I'm not really that good at. I feel like my life is really personal, and there are things that I probably will never tell another person for the rest of my life. (Well... Besides Melissa that is...)

But as a friend once told me (shout out to the Sistas!!), if I don't tell my own story, then someone else will. And unless its a biography, because I turned into the next Margaret Thatcher or something, I definitely want to be the one telling the story. There are too many people out there (shout out to Defiance, Ohio & Co.) who don't like me. At all. And I'm not saying that they don't have a good reason to not like me... Most of them do. Others have a great reason to not like me, but have decided to forgive me anyway (shout out to you guys... Y'all know who you are). But like I said before... Someone has to tell my story. And I'll be damned if its gonna be anyone but me.

I'll pick out a random tidbit per post... Mostly because I'm far from normal, and what's the fun in writing a "normal" story anyway. None of this "start from the beginning" crap, or "how did that make you feel" bullshit. I'm just going to take a piece of the puzzle randomly, and just run with it.

Now where to start... I knew this sounded too easy...

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