04 December 2012

More of Maggie's Mayhem

I had to go to the bank yesterday... It was only about a mile walk to and from, so I decided to take my dog, Maggie with me. She was great on the entire walk... Except she doesn't really grasp the concept of walking beside me, or walking in front of me. She instead will walk directly in front of me, and slow down, which results in me stepping on her heels. Then she gets mad at me, and nips at my heels.


But that's not the point of this. We walked up to the bank, and was just going to use the ATM, but apparently this branch is super dog friendly, so they let us come in and just go to the counter. Maggie was great, and the teller even gave her 2 dog biscuits because she was so good. So I had her do some tricks... Sit and shake. She's a ham, and an absolute attention whore, so I am convinced that she was doing it for all of the attention, rather than the treat.

Guess what she did with it after we walked outside?

She buried it.

Right there in the flower beds. With the entire bank staff watching (and laughing) as well as plenty of normal, everyday pedestrians going about their daily business.

I just laughed... What else could I do. I tried to dig it up and give it to her. She just reburied it. I tried to give her the second one... But she buried it too. And she looked just so proud of herself, with the dirt in her beard, and smeared all over her face. Her expression was, "Look Mom!! Look how smart I am!" Yeah... A smart ass.... :)

That's my dog for ya... Just a day in the life.

Here's the damage:

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