24 April 2014

Public Service Announcement!

This year, Affirmation: LGBT Mormons, Families, and Friends wants to march in the Salt Lake City Pride Parade. In the last few years, our members have marched with other groups like Mormons Building Bridges, and Mormons For Equality

While these groups are integral to the success of LGBT Mormons everywhere, they are seen by the public as the straight allies. The parents, siblings, neighbors and coworkers of their LGBT friends and family members.

In Affirmation, we ARE the LGBT Mormons. Whether we are active, inactive, excommunicated, no longer members, or have never been members of the Church, we all, in our own way, lay claim to Mormonism. This is what sets us apart, and makes us unique.

With that said, we do not want to be seen as fleeting in numbers, compared to the other Mormon groups marching. Small numbers can be seen as non functioning, and unorganized, and we are far from that.

So... we need to have a count. Who will march with us in the Salt Lake Pride Parade? We want to hit at least 50 secured marchers, so we can move forward with registration. My goal is to have 100-150. We can get there.

I am in charge of the coordination of the booth, and the parade marchers. So let me know if you are in by posting a comment or sending me an email... help us show Affirmation to the world!



  1. Perhaps those interested and willing will already know this, but... when is the parade?

  2. Parade starts at 10am on Sunday June 8. If we finalize the decision to march, more details will follow.

  3. Thanks for asking Trev, because I did not know. Unfortunately I move to Utah in July so I will miss it.