16 June 2011

Here we go again...

Well, here we are again! I've decided to write a blog again... we'll see how well it works this time :) 

So... a lot has happened in the last few months. I moved from Cedar City to Salt Lake City... I live in the Aves and its pretty much the most legit neighborhood this city has ever seen! :) My truck died, so I bought a scooter... pretty much the most awesome decision I have ever made. It has fantastic gas milage... about 70mpg, and it gives me the greatest adrenaline rush... I no longer have any reason to be unhappy, because that thing is a natural high! I'm not playing co-ed slow-pitch softball this summer, but I am playing on a fast-pitch team.... heck to the YES!! I moved into the boundaries of the City Creek YSA ward, so far it seems to be a pretty awesome ward... largely credited to a very attractive Australian boy... complete with a hot, sexy, accent... ;) And I have a cat... well, he's not mine officially, but he might as well be... he sleeps in my room, and follows me around everywhere :) His name is Frank, and he looks like an ewok. Tess and I call him Frank the Tank, the famous Ewok Kitty :)

I'm starting at the University of Utah this fall, and I'm super excited about it. Better school, better program, and better job and internship opportunities. Yep... its sweet :)

Yeah... I've got nothing else to report. Sorry.

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