30 June 2011

Chocolate can heal all wounds... but scars still remain.

I have the best guy in the world right now. He knew that I was having a hard day from last night, and he came over, and he brought over his homemade chocolate pretzels. And by homemade, I mean it. He spent an hour or so making them for me, and then brought them to me. And then stayed for an hour an watched Mythbusters with me, and then did some magic tricks for Abby. So he's gained her trust, which makes me know that he is a good guy. Because she is so intuitive, and she knows who's good and who's bad. She's telling me that he's a good man. And he's the kind of guy I can see myself marrying. Which, for the record, scares the hell outta me. But its true. 

And the chocolate helped with my bad day... it really did. The chocolates were flippin amazing, and he was flippin amazing... because he cared enough to bring them to me. But the chocolate didn't heal everything. I'm still hurt, and I'm still upset. I talked to Tess, and she said that I should write a letter to Christine... a letter that I won't ever give to her, because its not for her, its for me. Its for me to get all my words and anger out, so when I actually talk to her, I won't say something stupid that I'll regret. But if we're being honest... all writing that letter did was make me mad. And now all I want to do is scream at her. Which isn't good. Because once I start yelling... I don't stop.

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  1. chocolate is certainly amazing.

    and if this person hurt you so badly- re-evaluate the friend. is it really worth it all?

    but don't dwell on it. move on. every day is a new day for you to turn into something amazing. (: