16 June 2013

Well It's Been Fun

It's been brought to my attention that I am embarrassing, creepy, and sad. Probably all true. 

Anyways... I'll stop. I'm not one to fall like a limp noodle when people don't like what I do, or say... But in this case, it's simply easier. Whatever.

Normal journals are so boring, but... you gotta do what you gotta do, right? 

Peace out Girl Scout 


  1. I wish you'd keep posting. You relate with so many people. Please keep posting... You've helped me.

    1. I haven't decided honestly... If I do it won't be about this... Which is sad, because its a reality for me... I lost the love of my life to another woman. But, we'll see... It's nice to hear that I helped you, even if I did embarrass myself and acted pathetically

  2. I don't think you've acted pathetically in any way. I work in hospice, and it is sometimes really hard because all the people I work with die. I go to therapy because it's hard too.
    If there hasn't been anything else I've learned from therapy, it's that everyone has their own coping mechanisms. If you find a healthy one, use it, use it, use it!
    My therapist has also told me that it's important I mourn each death, because each of these people are important to me. Now, the relationship I have between a 99-yo dementia patient is different that my relationship with a 65-yo with cancer, sure, but I still care about them both.
    I, too, think it's important to allow yourself time to heal from this traumatic loss, and if writing helps you get there, then I say do it!!
    Whether or not you keep up this blog, I hope you're able to find healing.

    1. Hospice must be difficult... I can't even imagine. Today I found healing in the Scriptures (I'm LDS). Tomorrow? Probably playing Halo :) we'll see.

      Hang in their with your journey, as difficult as it is, you provide such a service to those people. I imagine that they smile down on you from above... Giving you incouragment wherever they can :)